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Princess Madam (1989) review

Directed by the king of cut-and-paste Godfrey Ho, ‘girls and guns’ flick Princess Madam is actually one of the director’s better efforts. When a secretary agrees to testify in court against a semi-retired Triad boss, two cops, Moon (Moon Lee) … Continue reading

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Going to the cinema in Hong Kong

1) Buy tickets in advance. Screenings tend to sell out. 2) Arrive promptly. If the ticket says it starts at 7:30, then it generally starts at 7:35. 3) Remember to take a jacket, otherwise the air-con is gonna freeze you. 4) Expect … Continue reading

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Crappy Chinese cooking

Whilst living in Hong Kong I’ve become a master chef and can conjure up four highly versatile meals; beans on toast, spaghetti bolognaise (sauce from a jar), pizza (courtesy of pizza box) and a basic stir-fry. Although I’ve tried many different … Continue reading

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Beauty Investigator (1992) review

Since I’m a huge fan of Hong Kong cinema and I’m currently living in Hong Kong I figured I’d start to review some of the films I’ve been watching. Movies are a huge part of the culture here. It’s not … Continue reading

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Cultural differences in teaching

Although my experience in teaching is limited, there are some very distinct differences I’ve picked up on whilst teaching in Hong Kong compared to my work experience at a school in England. One of the most striking differences is how politically … Continue reading

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The art of haggling

Although I’ve always been fairly confident when negotiating prices back home at markets in England, I was originally pretty terrified when it came to haggling prices in Hong Kong. When walking up Ladies Market in Mong Kok one hears many … Continue reading

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All about K-Pop

Every Thursday night in Hong Kong is ‘Pops in Seoul’ night for me. ‘Pops in Seoul’ is a Korean TV show, conveniently presented in English, which airs the latest Korean pop music videos. The show is presented by the rather … Continue reading

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