Christmas in Hong Kong

As a former British colony with a large Christian population, it is unsurprising that Christmas is an important holiday for many people in Hong Kong. Whilst Chinese New Year is undoubtedly the biggest holiday season for locals, most people, with the possible exception of non-Christians, still trade gifts on the 25th December.

Hong Kong is, after all, the consumerist capital of Asia and shopping is undoubtedly the number one past-time for many locals. As one of the richest cities in Asia, Hong Konger’s love to spend money on the latest designer goods, electronic gadgets and fashion trends. You only have to walk past the Apple Store in Central, with it’s hundred-person long queues to get an idea of how much Hong Kongers love consumer products.

There are hundreds of malls in Hong Kong and they are bursting at the minute with people buying gifts for the festive season. Whilst most of the malls have Christmas decorations, so too do main roads and other buldings. Even the MTR train stations have Christmas music playing in them!

Here are some photos I’ve taken recently of Christmas decorations in Hong Kong (Click for bigger images).

Because nothing says "Christmas" more then giant penguins.

Even road signs get decorated.

Festive lights in Central

Festive cross promotion between Doraemon and the MTR.

Decorations on the Mid-levels escalator

A large festive backdrop in Central

A bathroom showroom in the Mid-levels is turned into a winter wonderland

Decorations in the Mid-level esculator

Lights outside the Yorkshire Pudding pub

Decorations in Langham Place


About David

Originally born in England, I moved to Hong Kong in August 2010 to teach English to primary school students.
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