Dreaming the Reality (1993) – Film Review

Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima as highly trained killers who have been trained since they were children by their foster father. After they botch a mission and a bunch of school kids get killed, Moon is haunted by guilt. Yukari, as always is the cool one and although she is sympathetic towards the kids, she doesn’t let it interfere with her work. Meanwhile, in Thailand Hui and her brother (Rocky played by Ben Lam) are struggling to get by and Rocky is forced to become a kickboxer to earn money. Yukari and Moon are sent on a mission to assassinate an Interpol agent who has evidence against their foster father, but Moon becomes separated from her sister after suffering amnesia in an accident and ends up in the company of Hui and her brother.

This film has earned some great reviews online but I must admit I view it as a bit of a miss-fire. After a great set up the film introduces Hui and her brother through a series of long, drawn out and under cranked kickboxing scenes which drag the film to a halt. The time could have been better spent fleshing out the main characters and it feels like a wasted opportunity in that sense as by the end of the movie we really know nothing about Hui or her brother except for the fact that she’s an annoying, greedy loudmouth and he’s a bit slow. Hui annoyed the shit out of me for most of the movie until she becomes a bad ass at the end. She reminded me of one of those market stall women you get here in HK constantly barking orders and cussing people with a cigarette hanging out her mouth.

Yukari and Moon are fantastic as usual and there’s some excellent fight scenes involving the two but the film really could have benefited by spending more time on the two leads rather than the supporting cast. I honestly found myself dozing off during the scenes with Hui and the film would have been much better had they concentrated on action. Disappointing.


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