The Legend Of An Erotic Movie Star (1993) – review

The Legend Of An Erotic Movie Star aka The Ledgen Erotic Movie Star aka 北妹皇后 (1993)


ledgen erotic movie star

Hong Kong LaserDisc cover

Liu Chi-Tak stars as Hung Chan, a typical ditzy Mainlander who leaves her husband in China to go and make her fortune as an actress in HK. She ends up being forced to be a hooker before meeting Amy (Nam Yan) and finally getting an interview with a director. After making a successful softcore VHS movie she tries to move into the film world.

This movie is quite unlike most HK CAT III movies in that it’s quite funny and lighthearted and has genuinely likeable characters and an engaging storyline. Hung comes across as a very likable, cheerful character who avoids being dumb and annoying. Her character’s nativity results in people taking advantage of her good heart but, unusually for a CAT III film, the film has a happy ending.

There are some interesting ‘behind the scenes’ style scenes where Hung learns the ropes. One scene involves her in a threesome with a man and a woman, but they pay absolutely no attention to her. Such scenes are similar to those found in Temptation Summary II, which is also about the making of CAT III movies. One particularly amusing scene late on in the film is when she is kidnapped and the kidnappers decide to try to get her deported, but the police aren’t interested. In their desperation they end up phoning the post office, RSPCA and even the church, none of whom believe that the famous star is an illegal immigrant.

I really liked the character of Amy too. Nam Yan is a total babe. Her character is great. She constantly swears and helps Hung throughout the movie, although at times she goes a bit crazy. Liu Chi-Tak also looks amazing throughout. Some parts of the story are told via title cards, which is quite frustrating as they’re not translated into English. According to my Chinese friend however, there’s not much to them other than “And then her career took off!” which is pretty obvious from watching anyway.


While the movie isn’t mean spirited like most CAT III productions, the inclusion of a rape scene was totally unnecessary and almost ruined the film for me. Thankfully everyone ends up happy, and the end was even slightly heart-warming!

I would have given this an 8.5/10 as I really enjoyed it but the aforementioned rape brings it down to a 7/10.



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